6 of the Best Cycling Memes to See Out July 2022

first ftp-test-is-this-a-good-result-had-to-stop-a-few-times-to-replace-a-broken-chain-and-molten-cassette-image-62-x-amjs0jz51hi0prbiocwjkcmsbxjpfipzbzto

Cheater, cheater, motorbike meter.

fred boosts-social-media-profile-image-bktttdfpnhr19f76r-m6to-zgpk9vamnpsu3vumxfy

I see nothing wrong here.

hard hitting-unbiased-cycling-journalism-image-yblkxvkkwqqup4nole8fmui0ozf7lmv7wxfqy42bw4

Top quality news from the Tour.

cycling is-beautiful-image-3zpbfmgiwd9ynrlzqsivl7ffadvqm0d2c7ibdsx3oha

To be fair, not really a meme.

But definitely the picture that sums up this years Tour de France for me. What a battle.

shamelessly stolen-from-bullshire-police-facebook-page-image-89zsrnsexqfjjkc5jhu5jev87jiufbkisjuqurd6q0

All it’s missing are some pot holes and week old horse muck.

i might-have-left-my-chains-a-little-too-long-in-the-vinegar-image-iqcf2lztw3t3rggqeatev9sfba-89tlfgk5eq1hmy

Apparently there’s a bicycle chain under there, somewhere.

To be fair, if it was a chocolate cookie it wouldn’t look half bad.

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