Love to Ride’s Winter Wheelers ❄️🚴‍♂️

EDIT Wed 22nd Nov: Big heads up: if you are a primarily indoor rider, this challenge may not be for you. The ethos of the site is to encourage outdoor riding. I only just discovered this a day after posting. Sorry!

Love to Ride, a global biking organisation, is excited to announce the return of its exhilarating winter biking challenge, Winter Wheelers, set to take place from December 1st to 25th, 2023.

In its 8th year, this annual event encourages cyclists to embrace the cold weather and keep pedalling throughout the winter season.

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In 2022, Winter Wheelers experienced the enthusiastic participation of more than 21,000 individuals, among them over 550 new riders eager to thaw the winter chill as they wrapped up and rode, all vying for fantastic prizes.

Anticipating an even more substantial turnout this year, Winter Wheelers is poised to surpass expectations.

Love to Ride is resolute in its commitment to showcasing that riding in winter can be an invigorating experience without leaving you with cold feet!

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What is Winter Wheelers?

Winter Wheelers is an all-inclusive challenge open to both seasoned riders and those who haven’t been on a bike in years (or ever).

The goal is to inspire and support people to ride their bikes during the winter season, promoting an active lifestyle, safe transportation, and lifted spirits, even when the days are shorter and the light is limited.

Key Features:

  • Quick Courses: Participants gain access to Quick Courses, providing valuable tips and informative articles to boost biking confidence.
  • Personalised Support: All participants receive personalised emails to help overcome specific barriers and guide them toward enjoying winter rides.

How to Get Involved:

  1. Register for Free: Head over to to sign up for free.
  2. Log Your Rides: Record your bike rides before midnight to enter daily prize draws.
  3. Spread the Word: Invite others to join for more chances to win.
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