Site Update – Region & District Maps

Today’s site update saw the tracked climb count jump from 114,136 to 349,783.

I’m expecting to add several tens of thousand more climbs yet, possibly hundreds of thousands more. I’m still very actively collecting and collating all of the world’s cycling climbs.

I’m also aware of some issues, repeated climbs, missing climbs, and other problems. These issues are being actively worked on, and new updates to the site come as quickly as I can get the time to fix bugs (and add features).

Region & District Maps

The latest addition to the site is the Region and District maps.

An example of a region map would be from Cumbria:

This shows the 1,648 currently tracked cycling climbs in Cumbria, all on a clickable, zoomable map.

Cumbria is split down into about 100 or so sub-districts.

Clicking on any will take you to a more refined map, e.g. this one of Shap Rural:

As Shap Rural has just 17 cycling climbs, the zoom level is initially more magnified than the previous screen.

There are still some grouped climbs – these can be clicked on to expand further.

But you can also see some blue individual climb markers.

Clicking on any individual climb will show the route in full, with a link to more detail and some quick stats to help identify interesting climbs.

The route is colour coded to indicate gradient intensity.

There are definitely still some improvements to be made on these views. I’m not completely happy with how this whole process works. But as a starting point, I am happy enough to share with you.

You may be wondering why these maps only show at Regional and District level. This is simply to do with the sheer amount of data these map points take. If I showed all 50,000+ climbs in the UK page, for example, you’d probably use your entire monthly mobile phone data allowance in one go. And you wouldn’t thank me for that, I’m sure.

I’m open to any feedback, questions, or suggestions. Just leave a comment below.

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