MyWhoosh Workout Progress

In my recent update post I showed off the very first draft of the MyWhoosh Workout page I have been working on. If you missed that, it looked like this: Certainly not the nicest looking thing. But as a first pass it was good enough to ‘reveal’. I managed to get more time on it … Read more

Site News – February 2024

Hard to believe it’s February 1st already. Time flies when you’re… busy? Yes, definitely busy. And in the case of this site, at least, I am having fun. Maybe not so much elsewhere. But that’s a different issue. OK, so I thought I would do a Site Update as I haven’t done one in ages, … Read more

Site Update – End Of July 2022

A massive site update today, in terms of the number of listed bike climbs anyway. We jump from: to: Pretty crazy. It’s taking a lot longer to make updates with that many climbs to list. The database upload itself takes nearly 4 hours, then another hour or two to import it once uploaded. Worth it, … Read more

Almost 2 Million Climbs!

With today’s update we are sooo closed to the 2 million climbs mark. There are now 1,983,725 cycling climbs listed on the site 🤯 Still so many more to come. It just takes time. And lots of it. Sadly at the time of writing I am currently out injured. That does mean more time at the computer … Read more

Site Update – 22nd Feb 22

A fairly big update today. Not so much in terms of overall climbs tracked, though this figure did jump by over 300,000. Today’s changes were more about improving the site generally, mostly focused on page load speed. Front Page The country list is now split between 1 and 4 columns, depending on your screen size. … Read more

Site Move

Just a short blog post today to note the moving of from one server to another. Will this have any impact on you? No. Aside from my clumsiness taking the site down for the entire morning… long story, but the database transfer totally failed because I missed a / from the copy command. Nuts … Read more

Site Update – 29th Jan 22

A fairly big update today. It may look like not a lot happens on here, but behind the scenes there is frequently a lot of work in progress. There’s a few big changes in the pipeline, but today’s release is more concerned with fixing up some glaring issues, and standardising the locations of all the … Read more

Site Update – Region & District Maps

Today’s site update saw the tracked climb count jump from 114,136 to 349,783. I’m expecting to add several tens of thousand more climbs yet, possibly hundreds of thousands more. I’m still very actively collecting and collating all of the world’s cycling climbs. I’m also aware of some issues, repeated climbs, missing climbs, and other problems. … Read more