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Last week I was looking into the price of a cycling coach. And after looking at a lot of cycling coach websites, one of the very common themes was that they largely recommended ensuring you have a bike that fits you properly. In this post we are going to look at the cost of a road bike fit, mainly covering the UK as that is where I am based. However, I will include as many road bike fit prices as I can find for reference.

From my investigations I can see that most road bike fit costs seem to fall into the ranges of £50-£400, with the average being somewhere between £150-£200 in the North, and £250ish in the South. What you get for your money is wide ranging.

Let’s dive right into the numbers.

Northern England Bike Fit Prices

I started this post off with just a bike old list of websites and prices. But as I’ve carried on adding all the bike fit prices I can find, it seemed to make sense to break them up a bit by region. If things get even more involved I’ll split them further, but for the moment I’m kind of lumping everything into the North / South divide. It should be enough to give a feel for things.

Sigma Sports

If you live within driving distance of Oakham in the East Midlands, Sigma Sports, one of the biggest and dare I say prestigious names in the UK road bike community, offer a variety of bike fitting services.

  • Bike Fit – 2 Bikes or Positions: £300.00 for a 4-hour session, including work on two bikes or positions, with video analysis and saddle pressure mapping.
  • Bike Fit with Pressure Mapping: £200.00 for a 3-hour session, featuring custom jig fitting, video analysis, and saddle pressure mapping.
  • Follow-Up Consultation: £100.00 for a 1.5-hour review session, available if you’ve had a bike fit with them in the last 24 months.
  • Moldable Shoe and Cleat Fit: £100.00 for a 1.5-hour session focusing on the foot/shoe/pedal interface.
  • Saddle Pressure Mapping: £100.00 for a 1.5-hour session, concentrating on rider-saddle interaction.
  • Custom Sidas Footbeds: £100.00 for a 45-minute session, including supply and fit of custom footbeds.
sigma sports in store bike fit prices for oakham east midlands

Greg, over at Doctor Sprocket here in the North West of England, offers a full bike fit for £140.

This service takes about 2 hours and includes a comprehensive assessment and adjustment of your bike to your specific needs. They also offer a 50% discount for a second bike fitted at the same time, and a refit within 18 months for £70. Additionally, there’s an optional frame sizing service available for £50 when booked with a bike fitting.

dr sprocket bike fitting service north west england prices

Graeme Veevers at GV ProBikeFit based in Liverpool and covering Merseyside and Lancashire, offers three different types of bike fit. One is specifically for indoor riding, which I find quite interesting.

  1. Real-time Analysis – The Ultimate Bike Fit (Mobile Only): This option is priced at £350. It includes on-bike video analysis, a comprehensive bike fit, shoe fit, and some parts availability (stock depending). This option is mobile only and subject to a mileage agreement.
  2. Peloton & Smart Bike Fit: This service is available for £100. It is suitable for all indoor smart bikes including Peloton. It aims to provide the best endeavours to cure pain and ensure the correct setup for peace of mind. This is a basic fit to optimise position as best as possible. It is also mobile only and requires contact first – subject to a mileage agreement.
  3. Bike Fit – Comprehensive at Picton Cycles: This comprehensive bike fitting service costs £200. It includes comprehensive bike fitting, shoe fitting, availability of some parts (stock depending), and is located at Picton Cycles, Liverpool. Mobile fitting is available but requires prior contact and is subject to a mileage agreement.
gv pro bike fit prices

Another bike fitter with an interesting choice on the menu is Bollington Bike Fit. I’d never heard of Bollington before, but apparently it’s a town in Cheshire, just south of Stockport and north of Macclesfield. Probably worth a Google as my description isn’t steller. Anyway, another North West bike fitting offering.

They offer a complete custom bike fit service to give improved comfort, performance and pain free riding which is £175, and takes 2.5 hours.

More interestingly is their female specific custom Bike Fit to address the clear and significant differences between female and male physiology, with the same benefits as the generically male service. It’s the same price, and the same duration – £175 and 2.5 hours.

bollington bike fit prices

And rounding out the North West bike fitter prices (by no means a comprehensive list, but I think we covered a fair representation), is Pedal Precision. Having personally spoken with several shops, and several other busy bike fitters, these guys are top drawer and come very recommended.

  1. Sprint Stage: Costs £80 for 60 – 90 minutes.
    • Good basic fitting for non-clipless pedal users.
    • Includes initial history and biomechanical assessment, use of slow motion video, full adjustment of bicycle, and group/club bookings.
  2. One Day Classic (Most Popular): Costs £140 for 2 – 2.5 hours.
    • Suitable for anyone from novice to elite racer.
    • Includes initial history and biomechanical assessment, full sports injury assessment, slow motion video, full bicycle adjustment, shoe and cleat set-up, take-home measurement guide, follow-up exercise plan PDF, and group/club bookings.
  3. The Grand Tour: Costs £295, for multiple sessions (detailed timings not provided).
    • Includes all pro-fit elements plus a real-world session.
    • Features initial history and biomechanical assessment, full sports injury assessment, slow motion video, full bicycle adjustment, shoe and cleat set-up, take-home measurement guide, follow-up exercise plan PDF, and more.
  4. TT/Triathlon: Costs £160 for 2-3 hours.
    • Ideal for novices to elite racers, especially in time trial and triathlon disciplines.
    • Includes initial history and biomechanical assessment, full sports injury assessment, shoe and cleat set-up, slow motion video, full bicycle adjustment, discipline-specific positioning, and group/club bookings.

Additionally, there are other services listed:

  • Additional Bike: £60 for 45-60 mins per extra bike in your bike fit.
  • Shoe & Cleat Setup: £45 for 30 min/pair.
  • Sports Injury/Treatment: Costs vary; initial consultation & treatment is £40 (1 hour), follow-up treatment is £30 (45 min), and sports specific massage is £35 (40 min).
  • Pre-Purchase Session: £50 for 30-45 min plus feedback.

London Bike Fit Prices

Moving further afield, I thought the next best place to check would be London. You know, the North / South divide?

In theory the prices daaan saaaarf should be higher than up north, simply because the UK is broken. But let’s have a good look and find out, shall we?

A bike fit session at Cyclefit is priced at £395.00 and includes a comprehensive process lasting 2-3 hours. This service involves an interview to understand your cycling history and goals, a Functional Movement Screen, foot control assessment, and use of an adjustable Cyclefit Fit Bike. It also includes Dartfish Motion Analysis, Saddle Pressure-Mapping, Spinscan Analysis, and post-fit discussion with recommendations. The cost covers setting up your existing bike and provides a permanent record of your ideal position.

The cost of a bike fit with Spencer Wilson at Personal Bikefit is £280. It includes a comprehensive adjustment and assessment process tailored to the individual rider. The key elements adjusted during this bike fit are:

  1. Cleat Position: This is essential for establishing a proper connection between the bike and the rider. The correct positioning can significantly affect comfort and efficiency.
  2. Cleat Wedging: This involves fine-tuning the cleat setup for optimal power transfer, improved knee tracking, and to prevent issues like ‘hot foot’ (a burning sensation in the foot due to nerve compression or poor fit).
  3. Saddle Height: Adjusting the saddle height is crucial for maximising power output and ensuring rider comfort. Incorrect saddle height can lead to inefficient pedalling and discomfort.
  4. Saddle Fore/Aft Position: This adjustment ensures that the rider’s muscles are engaged optimally when the knee is aligned with the pedal. It’s important for both power and comfort.
  5. Handlebar Width: The width of the handlebars affects the bike’s handling, as well as the rider’s comfort and control.
  6. Stem Length: This affects the rider’s torso positioning, core stability, and overall comfort.
  7. Rider Biomechanics Assessment: Perhaps the most crucial part, this involves a study of the rider’s joint structure and muscle function. It’s a personalised assessment to help the rider access their full potential.

The bike fit session mentioned also includes a Personal Bikefit using Dartfish motion capture technology and lasts for approximately 3 hours. This was the first time I’d seen Dartfish motion capture mentioned, and it appears to be a fairly sophisticated system that analyses the rider’s movements, providing detailed insights for helping optimising a bike fit.

personal bike fit price list london

There are three different types of bike fit offered by Speedlab Bikefit Studio.

The one you’re probably most interested in is the Performance Road Bike Fit, but they offer a service for mountain bikes and TT bikes also.

The price for their Performance Road Bike Fit is £250. This service includes the following:

  1. Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours.
  2. Rider Interview & Measurements: A thorough interview and measurement process to understand the rider’s needs and physical attributes.
  3. Postural & Movement Assessment: Analysis of the rider’s posture and movement to tailor the bike fit.
  4. Digital Sit-Bone & Foot Assessment: A detailed assessment of the sit-bone and foot positioning for optimal comfort and efficiency.
  5. Initial & Final Bike Measurements Recorded: Recording the initial bike setup and the final adjustments for reference.
  6. Body Angles & Position Recorded At Every Stage: Monitoring and recording of body angles and positions throughout the fitting process.
  7. Bike Adjustments & Set-Up Improved At Every Stage: Continuous adjustments and improvements to the bike setup as the fit progresses.
  8. Cleat Positioning with Knee Tracking Recorded: Specific attention to cleat positioning and knee movement for efficient pedalling.
  9. Essential Parts Fitted (Saddle, Stem, Pedals/Cleats): Fitting of essential components like the saddle, stem, and pedals/cleats.
  10. Saddle Testing on Dynamic Fitting Jig: Testing different saddles for optimal comfort and performance.
  11. Component Testing on Dynamic Fitting Jig: Testing various components on a dynamic fitting jig to find the best fit.
  12. Detailed Bike Fit Report & Angle Overlays Movie: A comprehensive report of the bike fit, including angle overlays and other key data.
  13. Outdoor Test Ride & Final Videos (All Positions): An outdoor test ride to assess the bike fit in real-world conditions, with final videos capturing all positions.
  14. Multiple Bar Positions Recorded (Eg Tops, Hoods, Drops, TT): Recording and assessment of various handlebar positions.
  15. Advanced Parts Fit (Footbeds, Aero-Bars, Speedplays): Fitting of advanced parts like footbeds, aero-bars, and Speedplay pedals.
  16. Footbed Testing & Shoe/Pedal Interface Fit: Testing of footbeds and the shoe/pedal interface for optimal fit.

Additional services like Physio Injury Assessment & Plan and the Retul Motion Capture System are available for an extra charge of £100 each.

speedlab london bike fit prices

Getting to the pricier end of the spectrum, Bicycle Richmond offer a couple of different choices for those with deeper pocket.

  1. Full Bike Fit:
    • Cost: £300
    • Duration: 2-3 hours
    • Includes:
      • Session carried out on a Purely Custom Jig
      • 4 Sided Video Analysis
      • Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Mapping
      • Shoe Fit
      • Cleat & Insole Set Up
      • Adjustments & Set up of 1 bike
      • Note: Some integrated bicycles may need to be scheduled into their workshop for changes to be made.
  2. Bike Fit with James:
    • Cost: £400
    • Duration: 2-3 hours
    • Includes the same services as the Full Bike Fit
    • James is noted as having the most experience, which is reflected in the higher price.
bicycle richmond bike fit prices

That’s the prices for bike fits around London that I checked. Happy to check further afield, or include other regions if you are interested. Leave a comment.

USA Bike Fit Prices

My knowledge of the USA isn’t great. Instead I’ve relied on Reddit to find breakdowns of what people are paying, and where they are based.

Here’s what I have found so far:

  1. North Carolina (low cost area): $150
  2. North Carolina (near Charlotte): Free basic fit; Retül bike fit for $350
  3. Just north of Philadelphia, PA: Basic fit around $150
  4. SE Michigan: $200 (about 7 years ago)
  5. New York City, NY: $200-300 for a good one, with $400 being the ceiling
  6. San Francisco, CA: $250 – $400
  7. Rural Indiana: $250
  8. Expensive area (unspecified): $150 at a medical center; up to $400 elsewhere
  9. Long Island, NY: $400
  10. Hawaii: $300 (includes two sessions)
  11. Bay Area, CA: $200 on the low end; others not less than $350
  12. Charlotte, NC area: Retul bike fit for $275
  13. Washington DC area: Price: 100 to 200 USD, with up to 300 USD; 150 USD is typical.

Where mentioned, a Retul bike fit is, I believe, this process.

Europe Bike Fit Prices

Again, I used Reddit to find out all of this information.

  1. Spain
    • Price: Approximately 150-250 EUR (170-300 USD), depending on the technology used.
  2. Lithuania
    • Price: Around 80 EUR for a Shimano “Bike Fit”, with an additional 40 EUR for any extra bike.

Rest Of The World Bike Fit Prices

Like for Europe and the USA, I had to resort to digging through many, many Reddit threads to track down the costs of bike fits out there in the big wild world.

  1. Brazil
    • Price: Approximately 300 BRL (57 USD)
    • Additional Details: A more advanced 3-hour digital motion analysis fit costs around 350 BRL.
  2. Australia (Sydney)
    • Price: Free with bike purchase; done by a physiotherapist.
  3. Makati, Philippines (LaCourse Velo, Fred Ilagan)
    • Price for first bike: Approximately ₱12,500-₱15,000.
    • Discounted rate for the second bike.
    • Additional Info: Fred Ilagan is noted as one of the best fitters in the country, with long waiting times (up to 6 months).
  4. Philippines (Fluid Fit, Mito Ilagan)
    • Basic fit starts at ₱4,000; more expensive for time trial (TT) bikes.
    • Different prices for different venues: ₱4,000 in Laguna, higher in other Fluid Fit locations.
    • Additional Info: Higher prices in locations other than the home studio due to added costs.

Feel free to share your country and cost in the comments below.

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