Sunday Bike Rides

There’s something uniquely tranquil and enjoyable about a Sunday bike ride. Particularly an early Sunday morning ride. Whether you’re pedalling through quiet country lanes, coasting along unusually quiet city bike paths, or even spinning on the turbo trainer back at home, the experience of cycling on a Sunday stands apart.

For adult beginners either seeking fitness or rekindling their love for road cycling, this weekly ritual can be a source of joy, health, and a great way to end the week.

And there are a lot of ways to enjoy a Sunday bike ride, so let’s dive right on in and explore, shall we?

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The Appeal of Sunday Cycling

Riding on a weekday is nice. Especially if it’s Summer time (you know, those 4 days in late July we get here in the UK, where that bright yellow ball comes in the sky?). But there are time constraints on most of us with weekday riding.

Not to mention, it’s far more dangerous.

Even Saturday riding can be far different from Sundays, in my experience. People are busy on Saturdays – the roads are busier, people simply do more on Saturdays.

But Sunday, especially Sunday morning, out there on our pot hole pitted roads, can be lovely and quiet. Just so long as you dodge the old dears driving to church.

Peace and Quiet is a significant factor for my personal enjoyment. Cycling through quiet country lanes early on a Sunday morning, you’re likely to encounter minimal traffic and can enjoy the beauty of nature. Even in the city centre, the bike paths are quieter, allowing for a more relaxed ride without the usual bustle of angry commuters and heavy traffic.

Safety and Comfort are enhanced on Sundays. Generally, there’s less traffic, making it safer for us cyclists, especially beginners who might be nervous about busy roads. Yes, there might be the occasional ‘old dear’ driving to church who somehow don’t see you in your high viz and flashing lights, but these are generally predictable and manageable compared to weekday traffic.

Flexibility in Time is another benefit. Unlike weekdays, Sunday mornings offer the luxury of time, allowing for longer rides without the stress of a schedule. Those rare sunny days in the UK, especially in late July, are perfect for making the most of your ride, enjoying the warmth and scenery. Even colder mornings aren’t so bad, once you have warmed up a touch.

Health and Fitness benefits are significant. Regular Sunday rides are a great way to maintain fitness in a fun and enjoyable manner. The tranquillity of Sunday cycling can also be mentally therapeutic, offering a chance to unwind and reflect. You don’t always need to go flat out, although that is fun, too.

I think it’s the next two that really set Sunday rides apart.

Variety of Experiences is another interesting part of Sunday cycling. For those who prefer staying indoors, a Sunday morning can be just as enjoyable with a session on the turbo trainer as there are far more group rides and social experiences, be it racing, group workouts, or just pedalling around a virtual world chatting with other cyclists.

Exploring new routes outdoors, perhaps ones further afield, or revisiting favourite ones without the weekday constraints and traffic can be refreshing. Also if you’re looking for organised events, Sundays seem to have the most of them.

There’s a good mix of organised weekend rides by the various different organisations. Here’s just a handful I found for the UK.

Note the dates here are a point in time – not a real time listing. About 50% are on Sundays.

Here’s an example from

example upcoming events from

And a similar list from

example upcoming events from

Also there are some run by

example upcoming events from

Those are just a few, and of course are mostly based in the UK. Finding cycling events running on Sundays in your country / local area are typically a Google away.

Also try Facebook, which I’m not a massive user of, but it can be a good place to find like-minded cyclists.

But if you’re not in the mood for a larger, organised, and paid event, you might want to look at other types of …

Social Aspect shouldn’t be overlooked. Joining a cycling club or group for Sunday rides can add a social dimension to the experience. It can also be a great activity for families, catering to all ages and abilities.

There are three main ways to find social rides in my opinion (but I am open to others, leave a comment!). These are Google, and Facebook, and the British Cycling website.

Here’s some examples of my searches for group rides and social cycling clubs.

First up, the standard Google. Of course, replace ‘preston’ with your town or region:

preston cycling club google search example

Google is alright at giving you broad strokes, but a more focused selection can be found on the website.

I’m not sure if other countries have websites like this.

Not every local cycling club is on either of the previous two.

Smaller groups, those that combine a handful of friends or specific interests tend to be more easily found on Facebook. Yes, I know not everyone wants to have a Facebook account. I didn’t have one either until very recently, and only created one for cycling purposes.

Here’s an example of a fairly broad search for cycling in Lancashire (my local county):

As we’ve seen, there are plenty of options for cyclists of all levels and preferences. From organised events to casual group rides, the possibilities are many and varied. The key is to find what suits you best and make the most of these opportunities.

Remember, cycling is not just about physical exercise; it’s also about mental well-being, connecting with nature, and being part of a community. Sundays provide that perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, making them ideal for both rejuvenation and exploration on two wheels.

So, next Sunday, whether you’re gearing up for a solo journey, joining a local cycling club, or participating in an event, embrace the ride. Enjoy the freedom, the health benefits, and most importantly, the joy that comes with cycling.

We would love to hear about your Sunday cycling experiences. Share your stories, routes, and tips in the comments below. Let’s inspire each other and grow our cycling community, one Sunday ride at a time.

Happy cycling, and see you on the roads (or virtual worlds) next Sunday!

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