The NEC Bicycle Show 2024

Every year, Birmingham’s NEC convention centre plays host to hundreds of industry trade shows and events. Some are aimed at businesses, others business to consumer, and some a mixture of both. It’s been a good long while since I last visited the NEC – I think last time was for the Ski and Snow show, which coincidentally (or maybe not) happens to be run by the same people who will be putting on the 2024 National Cycling Show.

The NEC Bicycle Show 2024

The main questions I am sure you will have are:

When is the National Cycling Show? It’s on the 15th and 16th June 2024. That’s a Saturday and Sunday, hinting at this one being more of a consumer facing event.

Where is the National Cycling Show? It’s being held this year at the NEC in Birmingham. Pretty easy to find and, being Birmingham, very central. Just be aware there’s a bunch of toll based motorways around there, so don’t get stung. Use Waze or some other SatNav to avoid them, and you’ll be fine.

The postcode is B40 1NT.

The show itself will be in Halls 11 & 12.

How much is a ticket? Well, so far I can see that tickets will be priced between £7.50 and £18. There’s not much info on what the differences are in terms of pricing, but last years tickets ranged from £7 up to £70, where the top end bought you a “VIP” ticket, giving early access to the test track, a private VIP lounge, and a goody bag.

Is parking included? No, it’s pay to park at the NEC, and it’s quite pricey. £17.95 if you pay on the day, or £12.95 if you pre-book parking when you buy your ticket. Yikes. There are 20,000 spaces though, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a spot…

There are 22 ‘free to charge’ EV charging spots available on a first come first served basis.

There is a dedicated parking section on the NEC website.

Attendees from other shows at the NEC recommend parking at either Berkswell or Hampton in Arden stations which are free and get the train in to Birmingham International. From there you can get a train straight to the NEC.

What time does the NEC Bicycle Show 2024 open? Opening times are 9am – 5pm on Saturday 15th June 2024, and 9am – 4pm on Sunday 16th June 2024.

What about food and drink? Expensive. Perhaps that is unsurprising, given the cost of parking. The reports back from recent attendees via Trip Advisor are:

  • £7.40 for two small bottles of diet coke
  • 6 churros in a tube with salter caramel sauce on: £9
  • Small can of wine :£10.10
  • Pint of beer / lager: £7.90

You are not allowed to take any food or drink into the venue so they have a captive audience.

The NEC Bicycle Show 2024

What’s On

OK, that all feels rather negative. If you’re still interested in attending the National Cycling Show 2024, let’s take a closer look at what’s on.

The show boasts an array of features:

  • The Road and Track Stage: The Road and Track Stage will host interviews, workshops and advice across the weekend of the National Cycling Show. 
  • The Meet & Greet Zone: The Meet & Greet Area will operate on a first-come-first-served basis and gives visitors an opportunity to ask questions, get autographs and generally interact with our All-Star line-up across the two days.
  • The MTB, Gravel and BMX Stage: If trails, pump tracks and tow-paths are more your style, The MTB, Gravel and BMX Stage is the ideal place for you to learn new skills and hear from some of the world’s top riders. Across the weekend this stage will host interviews, brand-showcases and skills sessions to enhance your riding.
  • Fusion Freestyle Performances: Sponsored by exhibitor Fusion Extreme, the UK’s best riders from BMX & MTB go head to head in this epic Fusion Extreme stunt show battle to find out who is king of pushing the limits.
  • The Bike Clinic: The Spokes People team, headed up by master mechanic and Cytech instructor and assessors Lee Niven and Darren Hyland, will deliver workshops and sessions for both experienced cyclists and first time tyre changes.
  • Wheels for All Hub: Promoting cycling accessibility for all. Wheels for All is working with the National Cycling Show 2024 to bring inclusive and accessible cycling to everyone through their featured stand ‘Wheels for All Hub’. 
  • Bikepacking and Adventure Biking Zone: Learn how to travel the world by bike, what gear to look for, and top destinations, from a schedule of fun, informative seminars, meet and greets and question and answer sessions across the weekend.
  • CPR Workshops: Sign up for a live demonstration and hands-on practical workshop on how to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and use an AED (automated external defibrillator) which will mean you leave the show equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to potentially save a life.
  • Showcase Alley: Showcase Alley is a place to explore the latest innovations in cycling technology to retro colourways. You can check out the newest carbon fibre frames, high-performance wheels, and cutting-edge suspension systems.
  • Her Spirit Zone: Sponsored by Her Spirit. Come and meet Co-founders Mel and Holly and other Her Spirit coaches and community members over the weekend and chat to them about the importance of strength training (Couch2Kilos)
The NEC Bicycle Show 2024

Who Are The Guest Speakers At The National Cycling Show 2024?

There are several celebrity speakers over the two days, however the line up has not yet been announced. Last years speaker list included:

  • Jack Carthy: A world cup winning mountain biker and trails rider from Yorkshire
  • Matt Stephens: Ex-racer, Eurosport commentators, brand ambassador and lots more
  • Duke Agyapong: Rapha model and activist
  • Joanna Rowsell MBE OLY: Two time Olympic champion
  • Mark Beaumont: Ultra endurance cyclist
  • Rebecca Charlton: Cycling TV presenter and journalist

Which Companies Will Be At The National Cycling Show 2024?

This list includes the main categories of participants at the event, namely exhibitors, sponsors, and charities, along with specific stand numbers if available.

  • Sponsors
    • Headline Sponsor: V12 Retail Finance (Stand: F3)
    • Sponsors:
      • Mann Broadbent Insurance
      • MiRiDER (Stand: M50)
      • Nevis Range – Fort William (Stand: E30)
      • Tredz (Stand: D20)
      • V12 Retail Finance (Stand: F3)
  • Exhibitors:
    • Alf England (Stand: D60)
    • Apex Distribution (Stand: C20)
    • Applied Nutrition Ltd (Stand: M5)
    • Army Cycling Union (Stand: I60)
    • Atherton bikes (Stand: O60)
    • Beameo (Stand: G52)
    • Bearhug (Stand: G43)
    • Brick Caps (Stand: C62)
    • Briers Property Rentals (Stand: P43)
    • Chill Tubs (Stand: P51)
    • Chock Shop (Stand: G51)
    • Circtech (Stand: G42)
    • CIRGO (Stand: G42)
    • Craft BMX (Stand: P45)
    • Cycling Insight
    • Cytech (Stand: C74)
    • Flapjackery (Stand: H31)
    • Focalpoint Optics (Stand: E72)
    • Fusion Extreme (Stand: Q10)
    • GeoMetron Bikes (Stand: P35)
    • Grity sustainable sports apparel (Stand: G30)
    • Haskapa (Stand: O61)
    • Hello Fresh (Stand: I33)
    • Holland & Barrett (Stand: J40)
    • John Pye Auctions (Stand: F80)
    • Juicy Bike (Stand: H50)
    • Kendal Mint Company (Stand: E2)
    • Lake Cycling
    • Lubrication Limited (Stand: C64)
    • Magicshine (Stand: F22)
    • Marin Bikes (Stand: F21)
    • Medline Consultancy Limited (Stand: D68)
    • MiRiDER (Stand: M50) (Also listed as a Sponsor)
    • MTB HOPPER (Stand: N60)
    • MuscleFlo (Stand: C63)
    • Myomaster (Stand: I40)
    • Nalini (Stand: F37)
    • Neomouv (Stand: H50)
    • Nevis Range – Fort William (Stand: E30) (Also listed as a Sponsor)
    • Occhio (Stand: E50)
    • OOSC Clothing (Stand: E56)
    • Pegasus MTB (Stand: P44)
    • Prestacycle (Stand: I52)
    • Questars Adventure Races (Stand: G82)
    • RaceWare Components (Stand: F2)
    • Radical Bicycle Co (Stand: P46)
    • Rehook (Stand: G50)
    • Ride Moment (Stand: D63)
    • Riese & Müller (Stand: F10)
    • Rolling with The Glen (Stand: I50)
    • Roof Boxed
    • RSPB (Stand: F70) (Also listed under Charities)
    • Salice (Stand: F41)
    • Shark eBikes (Stand: F20)
    • SHOKZ open ear sports headphones (Stand: G41)
    • Spokes People (Stand: D74)
    • Sportive HQ
    • SSAFA Army Charity (Stand: R35)
    • Stolen Goat (Stand: G60
    • StuART Storey Art (Stand: H38)
    • Sure Clinic (Stand: A42)
    • Tall & Chain (Stand: F84)
    • Tempus Cycling (Stand: F72)
    • The Bikeability Trust (Stand: B61)
    • Tomcat (Stand: N40)
    • Tredz (Stand: D20) (Also listed as a Sponsor)
    • V12 Retail Finance (Stand: F3) (Also listed as Headline Sponsor)
    • Van Raam (Stand: D40)
    • VELO DE VILLE (Stand: M10)
    • Velorim Ltd (Stand: E4)
    • Vielo (Stand: G10)
    • Warmthru (Stand: R40)
    • Wheels For All (Stand: D40)
    • Wildcat (Stand: E50)
    • Winch & Plummet (Stand: O52)
    • Yamaha E-bikes (Stand: D60)
    • Zero Waste Medals (Stand: I31)
  • Charities:
    • Canal & River Trust (Stand: G40)
    • Dogs Trust (Stand: D71)
    • Greenpeace UK (Stand: M2)
    • Macmillan Cancer Support (Stand: I53)
    • Royal British Legion (Stand: C91)
    • RSPB (Stand: F70)
    • Woodland Trust (Stand: D80)
    • WWF (Stand: O8)
The NEC Bicycle Show 2024

Who Runs The National Cycling Show?

The National Cycling Show is just one of the yearly events run by Raccoon Media Group.

Raccoon Media Group organises a variety of events, mainly focused on health, sports, and outdoor activities. Here’s a list of their other events:

  1. National Running Show Birmingham
  2. Boston Run Show
  3. National Equine Show
  4. National Outdoor Expo Birmingham
  5. Boston Outdoor Expo
  6. The Allergy & Free From Show London
  7. London Snow Show
  8. Snowbound Expo

They also manage digital platforms like Outside & Active and Run Show TV, providing content related to outdoor and running activities.

Why I mention this is that like many other cycling business, Raccoon Media Group’s is currently navigating financial challenges marked by increased liabilities and reduced cash reserves. The company’s future success hinges on effective cash flow management and continued support from its stakeholders.

Whilst that likely won’t impact the 2024 edition, if things in the industry don’t improve, we might not be seeing a return in 2025. That’s pure speculation on my part, of course.

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