The UCI Women’s WorldTour 2024 Calendar

The UCI Women’s WorldTour 2024 calendar marks the continuation of the premier global series in professional women’s road cycling. This year’s circuit, commencing with the Santos Tour Down Under, unfolds a comprehensive 28-event schedule that spans various countries and continents, offering a diverse range of challenges to the participants.

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The WorldTour serves not only as a platform for competition but also as a testament to the evolving landscape of women’s professional cycling. The series covers a variety of terrains and climates, starting from the Australian summer to the European mountains, extending to the unique settings in China. This diversity in racing conditions underlines the versatility and resilience required of the cyclists.

With a mix of 14 one-day races and an equal number of stage races, the WorldTour offers an insightful look into the tactical depth and physical prowess inherent in the sport. The calendar for 2024 maintains a similar structure to the previous year, with slight adjustments to accommodate major events like the Paris Olympic Games and expansions in certain races such as the Tour de Romandie Féminin.

The UCI Women’s WorldTour 2024 Calendar At A Glance

Here are all 28 events in the UCI Women’s WorldTour 2024:

January12-14 JanSantos Tour Down UnderAustralia
January27 JanCadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race – Elite WomenAustralia
February08-11 FebUAE TourUnited Arab Emirates
February24 FebOmloop NieuwsbladBelgium
March02 MarStrade BiancheItaly
March10 MarMiron Ronde van DrentheNetherlands
March17 MarTrofeo Alfredo Binda – Comune di CittiglioItaly
March21 MarClassic Brugge-De PanneBelgium
March24 MarGent-Wevelgem In Flanders FieldsBelgium
March31 MarRonde van Vlaanderen – Tour des FlandresBelgium
April06 AprParis-Roubaix Femmes avec ZwiftFrance
April14 AprAmstel Gold Race Ladies EditionNetherlands
April17 AprLa Flèche Wallonne FéminineBelgium
April21 AprLiège-Bastogne-Liège FemmesBelgium
April-May29 Apr – 05 MayVuelta España Femenina by Carrefour.esSpain
May10-12 MayItzulia WomenSpain
May16-19 MayVuelta a Burgos FeminasSpain
May24-26 MayFord RideLondon ClassiqueGreat Britain
June04-09 JunWomen’s TourGreat Britain
June15-18 JunTour de Suisse WomenSwitzerland
July07-14 JulGiro d’Italia WomenItaly
August12-18 AugTour de France Femmes avec ZwiftFrance
August24 AugClassic Lorient Agglomération – Trophée CERATIZITFrance
August-September27 Aug – 01 SepTour of ScandinaviaNorway
September05-08 SepTour de Romandie FémininSwitzerland
October08-13 OctSimac Ladies TourNetherlands
October15-17 OctTour of Chongming IslandChina
October20 OctTour of GuangxiChina

The Season’s Opening: Santos Tour Down Under

The Santos Tour Down Under holds the distinguished position of being the inaugural event of the UCI Women’s WorldTour 2024. Scheduled from January 12th to 14th, this race sets the tone for the upcoming season, bringing together some of the world’s most talented cyclists in Australia.

team fdj suez uci women's world team

The significance of the Tour Down Under goes beyond being just the first event; it’s a barometer for the form and fitness of riders after the off-season. It’s here that strategies start to unfold and team dynamics begin to take shape, offering an early glimpse into what the cycling season might hold.

This year, notable participants include Ruby Roseman-Gannon, a prominent figure in the Australian cycling scene. Coming off a successful national championship, where she clinched victories in both the criterium and the road race, her presence adds an extra layer of excitement to the event. As an emerging talent, her performance in the Tour Down Under is eagerly anticipated, not just by Australian fans but by the global cycling community.

Australia’s role in initiating the WorldTour is significant. By hosting the first event, it underscores the country’s contribution to the sport of cycling. The Tour Down Under provides a unique combination of challenging routes and enthusiastic fan support, creating an atmosphere that is both competitive and celebratory. Additionally, the race’s timing offers riders a chance to compete in summer conditions, contrasting with the colder climates they might face in subsequent European events.

UCI Women’s WorldTour 2024 Calendar Overview

The 2024 UCI Women’s WorldTour calendar unfolds as a comprehensive series of 28 events, offering a diverse and challenging experience for the participating cyclists. Spanning across 11 countries, the series encapsulates a blend of one-day races and stage races, each unique in its demands and characteristics.

This extensive calendar ensures that the cyclists encounter a wide range of landscapes and conditions. From the intense heat of Australian summer to the unpredictable weather of Northern Europe, and the varied terrains of Chinese islands, the series tests the adaptability and resilience of the riders. The WorldTour’s route selection encompasses flat sprints, hilly classics, and high mountain stages, catering to different styles of cyclists and providing a holistic assessment of their capabilities.

2024 brings with it some key changes to the WorldTour calendar. Notably, the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift sees a shift in its schedule. This move is designed to accommodate the Paris Olympic Games, illustrating the flexibility of the WorldTour in adapting to the broader sporting landscape. Another significant alteration is the extension of the Tour de Romandie Féminin. Now expanded to four days, this race promises to offer more comprehensive challenges in terms of strategy and endurance, reflecting the growing scope and competitiveness of women’s cycling.

Ruby Roseman Gannon  Team Liv AlUla Jayco
Tour de Suisse Women 2023 – 3rd Edition – 3rd stage – St. Gallen – Ebnat-Kappel 120,8km – 19/06/2023 – Ruby Roseman-Gannon (AUS – Team Jayco AlUla) – photo Rafa Gomez/SprintCyclingAgency©2023

The Giro d’Italia Women, now backed by RCS Sport, is set to be held over eight days in July, adding another layer of excitement to the summer racing calendar. These changes not only enhance the competitiveness of the series but also signal a continued investment in and recognition of women’s professional cycling.

The Early Battles: January to March Events

The initial phase of the UCI Women’s WorldTour 2024, spanning from January to March, sets a critical foundation for the cycling season. This period features several prominent races, each contributing to the early momentum of the series.

January 2024

  • 12-14 Jan: Santos Tour Down Under (Australia)
  • 27 Jan: Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race – Elite Women’s Race (Australia)

Following the Santos Tour Down Under, the calendar moves to the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race, scheduled for January 27th. This one-day Australian event, named after the country’s former Men Elite UCI World Champion, Cadel Evans, is known for its scenic yet challenging route along the coastline. It offers an early opportunity for riders to showcase their form in a competitive setting.

February 2024

  • 08-11 Feb: UAE Tour (United Arab Emirates)
  • 24 Feb: Omloop Nieuwsblad (Belgium)

February ushers in the UAE Tour (February 8-11), an event that has quickly established itself as a key fixture in the early season. This stage race provides a different racing environment, with its desert landscapes and potential for varied wind conditions, testing the cyclists’ adaptability and team strategies in a unique setting.


A focal point during these early months is the anticipated performance of key riders like Lotte Kopecky, the reigning UCI World Champion from Team SD Worx. Her participation in races such as the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad on February 24th, a significant event in the Belgian cycling calendar, is eagerly awaited. Kopecky’s performance in these early races, particularly in her home country, will be closely watched as an indicator of her form and potential for the rest of the season.

March 2024

  • 02 Mar: Strade Bianche (Italy)
  • 10 Mar: Miron Ronde van Drenthe (Netherlands)
  • 17 Mar: Trofeo Alfredo Binda – Comune di Cittiglio (Italy)
  • 21 Mar: Classic Brugge-De Panne (Belgium)
  • 24 Mar: Gent-Wevelgem In Flanders Fields (Belgium)
  • 31 Mar: Ronde van Vlaanderen – Tour des Flandres (Belgium)

The spring classics in Europe form the next stage of the early season battles. Races like the Classic Brugge-De Panne (March 21), Gent-Wevelgem in Flanders Fields (March 24), and the prestigious Ronde van Vlaanderen – Tour des Flandres (March 31) will see riders like Kopecky seeking to assert their dominance. The cobbled and hilly routes of these classics demand a combination of power, endurance, and tactical nous, providing a stern test for all competitors.

UCI Women's worldtour team UAE TEAM ADQ

The Strade Bianche (March 2), Miron Ronde van Drenthe (March 9), and the Trofeo Alfredo Binda – Comune di Cittiglio (March 17) in Italy and the Netherlands will further challenge the peloton with their unique terrains. These races are instrumental in shaping the early season narratives, setting the tone for rider rivalries and team dynamics that will evolve throughout the year.

Other notable races during this period include the Ronde van Vlaanderen – Tour des Flandres, another cobbled classic with a mix of steep climbs. The race demands excellent climbing ability and tactical acumen, especially on the notorious ascents like the Oude Kwaremont and Paterberg. The tactical play in these races often revolves around breakaways, controlled pacing on the climbs, and timely attacks.

The Spring Classics: Iconic Races in Europe

The European leg of the UCI Women’s WorldTour 2024 heralds the arrival of the Spring Classics, a series of iconic races steeped in cycling history and tradition. This segment includes some of the most revered events in women’s cycling, such as Paris-Roubaix Femmes, where the unique challenges and strategies of these classics come into sharp focus.

April 2024

  • 06 Apr: Paris-Roubaix Femmes avec Zwift (France)
  • 14 Apr: Amstel Gold Race Ladies Edition (Netherlands)
  • 17 Apr: La Flèche Wallonne Féminine (Belgium)
  • 21 Apr: Liège-Bastogne-Liège Femmes (Belgium)
  • 29 Apr – 05 May: Vuelta España Femenina by (Spain)

Paris-Roubaix Femmes, with its famed cobbled sectors, stands as a pinnacle of the Spring Classics. The race, known for its gruelling nature, tests riders’ endurance, bike-handling skills, and mental toughness. The cobbles, often wet and slippery, require a strategic approach to positioning and pacing, making teamwork crucial. Success in this race is as much about navigating the treacherous pavé sections as it is about raw power and speed.

team human powered health uci women's pro cycling team

The Ardennes classics, comprising the Amstel Gold Race Ladies Edition (April 14), La Flèche Wallonne Féminine (April 17), and Liège-Bastogne-Liège Femmes (April 21), introduce a different set of challenges. These races are characterized by their hilly profiles, requiring riders to excel in climbing and possess the ability to launch and respond to attacks on these undulating terrains.

May 2024

  • 10-12 May: Itzulia Women (Spain)
  • 16-19 May: Vuelta a Burgos Feminas (Spain)
  • 24-26 May: Ford RideLondon Classique (Great Britain)

Reflecting on past performances, the Spring Classics have often been a battleground for riders like Demi Vollering (Team SD Worx), who achieved a historic treble in 2023. Vollering’s exploits in these races have set high expectations for her performance in 2024. Similarly, other top contenders will be looking to make their mark, either by defending titles or breaking new ground.

team at vuelta-a-burgos-feminas 2023

June 2024

  • 04-09 Jun: Women’s Tour (Great Britain)
  • 15-18 Jun: Tour de Suisse Women (Switzerland)

The Spring Classics are not just about individual glory; they are also a testament to team strategy. The role of domestiques, the timing of attacks, and the management of race dynamics are critical factors that can determine the outcome of these races. Teams often have to make real-time decisions based on race developments, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement.

The Summer Showdowns: Grand Tours and Olympic Games

The summer months of the UCI Women’s WorldTour 2024 bring the spotlight onto the Grand Tours and the highly anticipated Paris Olympic Games, events that are pivotal in the professional cycling calendar.

July 2024

  • 07-14 Jul: Giro d’Italia Women (Italy)

The Giro d’Italia Women, renowned for its challenging routes and varied terrains, is a test of endurance, climbing ability, and tactical acumen. This eight-day race often includes a mix of mountain stages, time trials, and flat sprints, offering a comprehensive assessment of a rider’s versatility. The Giro’s significance lies not just in its status as a Grand Tour but also in its ability to shape the overall season, with its outcomes influencing team strategies and riders’ confidence for subsequent events.

August 2024

  • 12-18 Aug: Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift (France)
  • 24 Aug: Classic Lorient Agglomération – Trophée CERATIZIT (France)
  • 27 Aug – 01 Sep: Tour of Scandinavia (Norway)

The Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift, positioned uniquely in 2024 to accommodate the Paris Olympics, holds a special place in the cycling world. With a foreign Grand Départ in the Netherlands and an exciting mix of stages, including two half-stages, the Tour de France Femmes is a showcase of the sport’s diversity and the riders’ adaptability. Its prestige and the intense competition it attracts make it a career-defining event for many cyclists.

The Paris Olympics (July 26th – August 11th 2024)

The inclusion of the Olympic Games in the 2024 cycling season adds an extra layer of significance. With Olympic medals at stake, riders will be at the peak of their form, balancing their commitments between the WorldTour and their national Olympic aspirations. The Olympics represent a unique opportunity for cyclists to achieve a different kind of glory, and performances here can elevate a rider’s status in the world of cycling.

The impact of these events on the cycling calendar is profound. They represent the zenith of competitive cycling, offering the highest level of exposure and prestige. Success in these events not only brings immediate accolades but can also have a lasting impact on a rider’s career, influencing sponsorships, team dynamics, and future opportunities.

From a strategic perspective, these summer events are crucial in shaping the riders’ season. Teams must manage their riders’ schedules carefully to ensure peak performance for these high-stakes races. The outcome of the Grand Tours and the Olympics can influence morale and momentum, potentially reshaping the competitive landscape for the remainder of the season.

The Final Sprints: August to October Races

As the UCI Women’s WorldTour 2024 enters its concluding phase from August to October, the intensity and stakes continue to escalate. This final stretch of races is crucial, often determining the overall standings and solidifying the season’s narratives.

August 2024

  • 12-18 Aug: Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift (France)
  • 24 Aug: Classic Lorient Agglomération – Trophée CERATIZIT (France)
  • 27 Aug – 01 Sep: Tour of Scandinavia (Norway)

The late summer and early autumn period is marked by several significant events, starting with the Classic Lorient Agglomération – Trophée Ceratizit on August 24. This race is known for its dynamic route, which can lead to unexpected outcomes and dramatic racing.

The Tour of Scandinavia (August 27-September 1) follows, presenting a diverse set of challenges across its northern European landscapes. This race is particularly noted for its varied terrain, which can include flat, sprint-friendly stages as well as more challenging hilly sections.

September 2024

  • 05-08 Sep: Tour de Romandie Féminin (Switzerland)

The Tour de Romandie Féminin (September 5-8) rounds off this segment of the calendar. Extended to four days in 2024, this race in Switzerland offers a mix of mountainous stages and time trials, testing riders’ all-around abilities.

October 2024

  • 08-13 Oct: Simac Ladies Tour (Netherlands)
  • 15-17 Oct: Tour of Chongming Island (China)
  • 20 Oct: Tour of Guangxi (China)

The season culminates with the Simac Ladies Tour in the Netherlands (October 8-13), a well-respected event in the women’s cycling circuit. This race often features a mix of flat stages and individual time trials, requiring consistent performance across different disciplines.

The final showdowns take place in China with the Tour of Chongming Island (October 15-17) and the Tour of Guangxi (October 20). These Asian races present unique challenges, with Chongming Island known for its flat and fast stages, while Guangxi offers more varied terrain.

team St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93

These final races are crucial for securing points towards the WorldTour standings. For many riders and teams, this is the last opportunity to improve their rankings, solidify their positions, and achieve their season goals.

The overall performance in these late-season races can also influence contract negotiations and team compositions for the following season, adding an extra layer of pressure and significance to the outcomes.

Ride On For 2024

The UCI Women’s WorldTour 2024 encapsulates a season brimming with excitement and multifaceted challenges, reflecting the dynamic nature of women’s professional cycling. This year’s series, spanning a globe-trotting array of 28 events, not only tests the physical prowess and tactical acumen of the world’s best female cyclists but also showcases the sport’s rich diversity and growing appeal.

From the sunlit roads of Australia at the Santos Tour Down Under to the historic cobbles of European classics like Paris-Roubaix Femmes, and concluding with the strategic battles in the Tour of Guangxi, the 2024 season offers a broad spectrum of racing conditions and formats. These diverse settings serve as a backdrop for a compelling narrative of athletic excellence, where each race contributes its unique chapter to the overall story of the season.

The 2024 calendar, with its carefully considered adjustments and extensions, such as the Tour de Romandie Féminin and the rescheduling of the Tour de France Femmes, indicates a responsive and evolving approach to women’s cycling. These changes not only enhance the competitiveness of the WorldTour but also underline a commitment to elevating women’s cycling to new heights of recognition and respect.

This season also marks a significant moment in the sport’s growth, mirrored in the rising popularity and media attention surrounding women’s cycling. The increasing support from sponsors, the growing fan base, and enhanced coverage are testaments to the sport’s expanding footprint. The presence of high-calibre athletes, fierce competition, and the compelling storylines that unfold throughout the season are drawing new audiences, both in terms of spectators and aspiring cyclists.

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